Scope of Returns on Investments in Climate Smart Solutions

Event Details
  • February 13th, Thursday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm
  • Kecak 2

Session Description

The historic Paris agreement was a major turning point for the global climate change agenda, laying a green path for greater opportunities for the private sector. There is now a mounting evidence of private sector investment opportunities in climate-smart solutions that can generate healthy returns on investment. IFC estimates that opportunities worth $23 trillion exists in climate-smart investments in the emerging markets, of which South and East Asia pacific region alone has an initial investment opportunity of nearly $18 trillion that can be tapped through private investments.

This session with bring together impact investors, corporates, intermediaries and accelerators to gain more insight into how they can invest capital towards climate smart solutions while gaining both financial and social benefits. The session will explore the challenges and solutions on how private investors can generate returns from investing in climate-smart solutions. As case studies, the session will feature four climate positive solutions in such carbon forestry, carbon capture, oceans plastic pollution, renewable energy, to explore how these solution can bring returns to its investors.

Key Takeaways

  • What are the opportunities and challenges to invest in climate- smart solutions across the various solutions
  • What are the various climate finance mechanisms that can enable returns on investments in climate-smart solutions
  • How can impact investors and corporates generate healthy returns on investment through investing in climate-smart solutions