Policy Workshop 2: Social Investment in Action

Event Details
  • February 12th, Wednesday, 2:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Legong 3

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There is an increasing need for policymakers to co-create out-of-the-box solutions with the private and people sectors. We are now at a critical juncture to address urgent human and intellectual capital gaps and to catalyse governments to be active collaborators with other sectors. In light of this, AVPN is hosting a two-part Policy Workshop to increase the capacity of Southeast Asian policymakers to engage the largest social investment network in Asia.

Session Description

This second half of the programme will provide an opportunity for the province/state and city/district policymakers to facilitate discussions with the broader social investment community around actual policy programmes and social investment-policy partnerships in need of financial, human, and intellectual capital to meet their impact objectives.

  • This World Cafe-style session will showcase a total of 3-4 innovative public-private initiatives
  • Each initiative is anchored by a policymaker project lead and their AVPN member partner at a table
  • Delegates will have the opportunity to rotate a few rounds to participate in and contribute to different discussions
  • This encourages meaningful exchanges of insights with industry experts, funders, intermediaries, and other policymakers

The session concludes with a Practitioners’ Dialogue, where the policymakers and AVPN partners will present the key takeaways and opportunities uncovered from the discussions that will catalyse localised engagement of social investment going forward.

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View the morning session: Policy Workshop 1: Building Capacity for Public-Private Engagement



  • The workshop is open to all SEA Summit delegates and invited policymakers to attend.
  • As slots are limited, you are required to register your interest through the Workshop Registration link included in your Summit confirmation ticket. Registration is confirmed only upon receipt of confirmation email.
  • If you are a policymaker and/or a non-AVPN member and would like to attend this workshop, or you would like to nominate a policymaker whom you think could benefit from this, kindly write to policy@avpn.asia.