Lunch: IndyTalks on Mindful Leadership

Event Details
  • February 12th, Wednesday, 12:00pm - 2:00pm
  • Suku Restaurant

Session Description

A mindful leader is someone who embodies leadership presence by cultivating focus, clarity, creativity and compassion in the service of others. These four innate abilities are fundamentals of leadership excellence. However, even though these abilities are innate, most people fall short of our potential to embody leadership presence because we live in a world that surrounds us with unlimited distractions which pulls us away from the present moment and keep us from listening to our own wisdom. As we consider the challenges leaders face today, it’s relatively easy to see how much we need to cultivate mindful leadership. The environment we live and work in is constantly evolving. Time is now often measured in internet microseconds. There are new and complex economic and resource constraints on our organizations. The world is changing so rapidly that people training for a career today may find their career path radically altered by the time they are ready to enter it.

By training ourselves to be thoughtful and baring in mind the importance of being a mindful leader, we actually gain the ability to control what it seems to be out of our hands. Life, happiness and future of ours and others, is affected by each of our actions in the present. As time passed by, aware about the responsibility to carry out a mindful behaviour, we will realise that we start to display positive attitude such as tolerance, critical thinking and healthy life-style. How, by being mindful, will help us to cultivate positive vibes? How it can help us to generate the connections with our colleagues and communities even though we are extremely occupied? Can we realistically expect leadership excellence while we still putting aside mindfulness in action?

The discussion will happen during the lunch time among 200 participants from cross-sector interest which, most of the participants are leaders in their respective fields.


  • To describe the meaning of mindfulness
  • To determine what it takes to be a mindful leader
  • To understand what and how much impact we could generate by being displaying mindfulness