Impact Measurement Workshop

Event Details
  • February 14th, Friday, 9:00am - 12:00pm
  • Janger

Session Description

The impact assessment workshop is designed to help social entrepreneurs, investors, and other participants understand ‘right-fit’ measurement: that is, how to identify the right measurement tool and approach to answer specific questions about the social impact of their businesses or investments.

We will show how a Theory of Change can serve as the foundation for a measurement framework, which can then inform strategic and operational decisions.

Then we will introduce participants to a set of measurement tools (including monitoring systems, process evaluations, and impact evaluations) to understand how and when to use them, taking into consideration timing, budget, and operational constraints. Through presentations and group discussions, participants will be able to identify priority impact measurement questions on their own businesses and investments, based on key decisions they need to make. They will also be equipped to identify which research and measurement tools to use to answer their questions.