How to Drive Social Impact in Southeast Asia?

Event Details
  • February 13th, Thursday, 9:45am - 10:35am
  • Kecak 1 & 2

Session Description

Globally, there is a growing consciousness for integrating social impact into philanthropic and investment decisions. In South East Asia, where several economies are at developing stage, and unmet social needs are massive, the region holds enormous promise for driving social impact. Key issues like gender equality, livelihoods, the future of human capital, can dramatically change the trajectory of this region’s development. However, navigating this sea of promise is not easy, because the countries that make up South East Asia are culturally and commercially distinct.

How do we identify and fill the gaps in the impact ecosystem? Where are the impact capital opportunities and complexities in critical areas like gender equality? How can leadership drive dialogue and interest to bring about commitment? How do we capitalize on our strengths, neutralize our differences, to unlock the full potential of the region for social impact? Above all, how do we collaborate on collective impact platforms to share information and best practices?