Cultivating Change: Social Investment and the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

Event Details
  • February 13th, Thursday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm
  • Janger

Session Description

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, Southeast Asia accounts for about 8% of all global agricultural production and about 35% and 85% of the values of rice and palm oil exports in the world. 8 out of 10 countries in the region dependent are dependent on agriculture and its production. In 2019 ASEAN launched a Responsible Investing in Food, Agriculture and Forestry encouraging players in the region to remain cognisant of importance of managing the sustainability of the sector. The last couple of decades have already seen great strides in the development of innovative solutions to respond to the growing demand of agricultural production through mechanisation and diversification of crops.

This panel will address how strategic social investment can enable sustainable agriculture in the region and beyond. Hear from successful corporates and investors to learn how you can grow your impact and at the same time, leave a smaller physical footprint. Social investors and corporates will gain more insight into how they can engage through catalytic capital to enable scale, capacity building initiatives and directing resources towards ecosystem building to encourage multi-stakeholder partnerships and effective knowledge-sharing.

Key Takeaways

  • How Impact investors can identify investable business in agriculture and derive social impact and financial returns
  • How corporates can take on a sustainable approach to agriculture, introducing new technology and skills to build the capacity of farmers in their supply chain to scale productivity
  • How stakeholders can develop the sustainable agriculture ecosystem and encourage multi-stakeholder partnerships and effective knowledge-sharing