Tom Schmittzehe

About Tom Schmittzehe
  • Co-Founder, Moonshot Ventures

Tom is the co-founder of Moonshot Ventures, an incubator and manager of impact funds, launched in 2019 and operating in Southeast Asia. Each fund addresses one development theme, and invests in disruptive innovations for large-scale impact.

Moonshot and YCAB Foundation are partnering to launch the Indonesia Women Empowerment Fund (IWEF) at AVPN Virtual Conference 2020.

Tom has twenty-five years of experience advising, leading, and investing in entrepreneurial teams. Trained as an anthropologist, Tom began his career in banking and strategy consulting, in corporate venturing roles with tech startups and corporate spin-offs.

Since 2003, Tom has worked within impact investing, mostly in Asia. Among others, he has held leadership positions at Ashoka, and helped found Ennovent (South Asia) and Uberis Capital (Mekong region).

Tom holds degrees from Oxford University, the Wharton business school, and the Harvard Kennedy School.

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