Stephanie Arifin

About Stephanie Arifin

Prior to entering the world of social enterprise, I had the privilege to experience and learn from various for-profit and non-profit organizations in Indonesia, Singapore and USA. While I am still learning and absorbing more about this world and social enterprise industry, I hope to leverage my two-sided perspectives to help empower and support other social entrepreneurs in their journey.

A strong believer in social impact, social innovation, user-driven solutions, human centered design, and along with my increasing passion about the power of social entrepreneurship, I am a student-leader with global and extensive experience in all levels of relationship building, conceptualizing, marketing and program development, from creative industry to nonprofit and social enterprise sectors. I am today leveraging my experience and knowledge to build inclusive organizations, empowering social entrepreneurs to increase their global purpose and sustainable impact.


Policy Workshop 1: Building Capacity for Public-Private Engagement

12 Feb 2020

There is an increasing need for policymakers to co-create out-of-the-box solutions with the private and people sectors. We are now at a critical juncture to address urgent human and intellectual capital gaps and to catalyse governments to be active collaborators…Read More

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