Prasetya Yudaputra

About Prasetya Yudaputra

Develop and Increase Trust of Donors, Employees, Beneficiaries and Partners towards KB Brand and Organization

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  • Wonyoung Kim

    Wonyoung Kim

    Executive Director Crevisse Partners

  • Sumitra Pasupathy

    Sumitra Pasupathy

    Country Director Ashoka Singapore, Malaysia Ashoka: Innovators for the Public

  • Priya Thachadi

    Priya Thachadi

    Co-Founder Villgro Innovations Foundation

  • Shu Min Cheong

    Shu Min Cheong

    Senior Lead, International Organisations Programme Office Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

  • Lily Yu

    Lily Yu

    Senior Advisor, Gender Investment and Innovation Department The Sasakawa Peace Foundation

  • Alex Feher

    Alex Feher

    CEO Impact Asia Pacific (Impact Investment Summit AP)