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  • General Manager, Farm Advisory Services, Proximity Designs
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Phyu Hninn Nyein currently leads Farm Advisory business at Proximity Designs, a social enterprise working to improve the income and resilience of rural smallholder farmers in Myanmar. Her team provides smallholders with agronomy services that promote best-fit and climate-smart farming knowledge through a diverse set of channels from technique disseminations at the village level to digital platforms. Her business provides agronomy advices to over 200,000 farmers in rural Myanmar annually. As an avid design thinking practitioner, Hninn has also led and commissioned two foundational human-centered design research publications on the two biggest crops in Myanmar, “Paddy to Plate” for paddy and “When It Rains, It Pours” for sesame. Before leading Farm Advisory business, Hninn led the Knowledge and Social Impact Team for 3 years, managing and analyzing Proximity's customer database and conducting socio-economic impact assessments and user research projects.

As a professional, she has worked in the United States in the field of environmental conservation, molecular biology and statistical genetics. In 2012, Hninn returned to Myanmar and joined Proximity Designs. Hninn studied in the United States, where she received her Bachelor degrees in Biology and Mathematics and her Masters degree in Biostatistics, in the United Kingdom where she received her Post-Graduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation at Said Business School, University of Oxford and in Singapore where she received her certificate in Social Entrepreneurship from INSEAD Business School. Hninn has been awarded “2018 Women of the Future – South East Asia Award” in public service category for her work with smallholder farmers in Myanmar. She has also spoken at TEDxYangon with the title “Big Data for Small Farmers in Myanmar.”


Cultivating Change: Social Investment and the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

13 Feb 2020

Session Description According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, Southeast Asia accounts for about 8% of all global agricultural production and about 35% and 85% of the values of rice and palm oil exports in the world. 8…Read More

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