Shuichi Ohno

About Shuichi Ohno

Shuichi Ohno is the President of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, one of the largest philanthropic organizations in Asia with assets of over a US $ 1 billion. The foundation works on a diverse range of issues including international cooperation, ocean governance, and women’s empowerment. He led the formation of the Asia Women Impact Fund, an initiative to invest up to US $ 100 million from the Foundation to pursue gender lens investments that achieve favorable outcomes for women in the region.

Prior to joining the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in January 2017, Mr. Ohno was an Executive Director at the Nippon Foundation, leading international cooperation projects. In his 16-year term at the Nippon Foundation, Mr. Ohno led programs to support grant recipients to pursue sustainable business practices to increase their scale and reach. Towards the end of his tenure at the Nippon Foundation, Mr. Ohno was also involved in social innovation and social impact investment initiatives.

Mr. Ohno was Japan's Private Sector Representative at the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce (currently the Global Steering Group for Impact Investing), and was a founding member of the National Advisory Board for Japan Impact Investment Taskforce. He serves on the board of Japan Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (formerly known as Social Impact Investment Foundation), an organization created in 2017 with the mission to promote social impact investments and unlock private capital for impact in Japan.

Mr. Ohno is a strong proponent of social enterprises with sustainable business models that are not overly dependent on grants, and advocates that foundations should leverage the full spectrum of financial assets they manage towards impact. He speaks regularly about these issues at various global forums.

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