Mason Tan

About Mason Tan

Mason Tan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Garden Impact Investments Pte Ltd.

Since its inception in 2013, Mason provides strategic vision for Garden Impact, and also leads his team in sourcing scalable and sustainable social enterprises in South East Asia.

Prior to Garden Impact, Mason had close to 30 years of global working experience in various sectors, including public accounting in the US, at a brokerage firm in Indonesia, as a Corporate Finance and Investor Relations Manager for a NYSE-listed company, a Chief Financial Officer of an internet venture, and as an Owner/Operator for a US Food & Beverage Master Franchise for Singapore, Malaysia and China.
Mason also currently serves as the Vice Chairman of Transformational Business Network Asia (“TBN Asia�), a non-profit association headquartered in Singapore that promotes fighting poverty through business enterprises in South East Asia. His passion is to help others make their dreams come true.


Addressing the Needs of Social Enterprises in SEA

13 Feb 2020

Session Description How can social enterprises (SEs) best access investment and support to amplify their reach and scale? What are the funding needs of social enterprises at various stages of growth and why are they underserved in Asia? How should…Read More

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