Kaylene Alvarez

About Kaylene Alvarez
  • Principal, Athena Global Alliance and BIDUK Indonesia, Athena Global; DFAT Frontier Brokers/IW Project: BIDUK
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Kaylene has spent 20 years working with entrepreneurs, financial institutions and local organizations in various emerging markets to meet the financing needs of SMEs in several capacities. For the past five years, Kaylene has worked as an independent consultant to development finance institutions and impact investors in emerging markets financial services for MFIs and SME banking; she focuses on transaction structuring, risk management, operations and alternative banking like mobile money and Islamic banking.

Previously, she worked in post-Soviet economies on privatization of infrastructure assets, and in M&A for AIG’s emerging markets banking division. Kaylene is a life-long weaver and textile collector, and speaks Russian.



13 Feb 2020

Session Description We are excited that this lunch programme will feature the launch of Biduk. Created by Athena Global Alliance, Biduk will provide a suite of  flexible lending products  customised to the needs and cashflow patterns of women’s SMEs. We…Read More

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