Kalyan Chakravarthy

About Kalyan Chakravarthy
  • Founding Sevak & Executive Director, PanIIT Alumni Reach For India foundation
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Kalyan a strong believer in applying market-based solutions for societal problems and development interventions. He leads PanIIT Alumni foundation that has been set up by PanIITian alumni with a mission to enhance incomes of the underprivileged through self-sustainable models like the gurukul model and Kaushal Colleges. The gurukul model is a first-of-its-kind skill loan based vocational education program aimed at school dropouts and the Kaushal college program is 1-2 trade license course working on the skill Loan model. A non-profit special purpose vehicle has been launched by PanIIT Alumni Foundation with agencies of the government of Jharkhand called Prejha Foundation to build district level vocational education architecture across all the districts of the state in an institutional manner.

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