Han Peng Ho

About Han Peng Ho
  • Assistant Director, Singapore Management University (Lien Centre for Social Innovation)
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At the Lien Centre for Social Innovation based in Singapore Management University, Han works on partnerships and a variety of local and systems capacity-building projects. Some of the projects he has worked on relate to organizational capital needs in the social sector, unmet social needs, philanthropy, training in social innovation, as well as rural enterprise and agricultural development.

His research interests encompass social, cultural and financial capital in the innovation stream; talent retention in Singapore's social service sector; child health, protection and early childhood education in Southeast Asia; the relevance of museums in addressing challenging community-interest issues; and socioeconomic development and innovation in early China.


Investing in Education with Impact

13 Feb 2020

Session Description Despite evidence that investment in education across the life course can put children and adults alike on the path towards good health, empowerment, employment and develop peaceful societies, only 25% of national governments are spending what they need…Read More

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