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  • Head of Sustainability Implementation, Golden Agri-Resources
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Dr Martin is currently the Head of Sustainability Implementation at Golden-Agri Resources Ltd (GAR). GAR is Indonesia’s largest integrated palm oil producing and processing company. It operates seven refineries and 45 CPO mills across Indonesia and has a plantation supply base of approximately 500,000ha planted area.

In his day to day work, Dr Martin is responsible to manage Sustainability in GAR’s upstream and downstream operations as well as achieving sustainability compliance in GARs supply chain. One of his tasks is to explore options on how to improve livelihoods of the local communities which live within or in close proximity to GARs concession.


Cultivating Change: Social Investment and the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

13 Feb 2020

Session Description According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, Southeast Asia accounts for about 8% of all global agricultural production and about 35% and 85% of the values of rice and palm oil exports in the world. 8…Read More

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