Asya Troychansky

About Asya Troychansky
  • Senior Gender Advisor, Value for Women

Asya is a Senior Gender Advisor with extensive experience supporting impact investors to incorporate a gender lens across their strategies and operations. At Value for Women, Asya focuses on providing advisory to investors and SMEs at the intersection of gender, business, and social impact.

Before joining VfW, Asya worked with Root Capital, a global investor and capacity builder for agricultural SMEs, as the Director of the Women in Agriculture Initiative, as well as the lead of the social and environmental impact program. Asya is a seasoned presenter and trainer and draws on years of global experience in implementation and measurement.


Impact Investing & GLI: What It Is, Why Do It, and the Different Ways to Invest With a Gender Lens

12 Feb 2020

Session Description Join us for an advanced and participatory workshop on Gender Lens Investing. Discover with us the business opportunity to invest for the social well-being and economic empowerment of girls and women. This workshop will cover the definition and…Read More

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