Ahmad Isa, MD

About Ahmad Isa, MD
  • National Migration Health Officer, Building Healthy Cities Project Officer (Makassar), International Organization for Migration, Indonesia

Ahmad Isa, MD is a National Migration Health Officer for IOM Eastern Region as well as BHC Project Officer for Makassar with a particular focus on the health of migrants and mobile populations including urban health.

He is a physician by professional background since 2004 and panel for immigration examination the refugee resettlement program to US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He has Master of Public Health specializing in Health Development from the Royal Tropical Institute-Vrije University Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

He has experience also as health system researcher particularly for closed-population setting such as detention and prison; HIV and addiction; monitoring and evaluation; capacity building; communicable disease control/prevention.


Policy Workshop 2: Social Investment in Action

12 Feb 2020

There is an increasing need for policymakers to co-create out-of-the-box solutions with the private and people sectors. We are now at a critical juncture to address urgent human and intellectual capital gaps and to catalyse governments to be active collaborators…Read More

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