Courtney Roberts

About Courtney Roberts
  • Principal and Founder, Moonshot Global

Courtney is founder of Moonshot Global, LLC and has 25+ years of experience advising donor agencies, for-profit firms (including social enterprises), universities, foundations and nonprofits. She has led cross-functional teams to implement projects in 30 countries, including those affected by conflict. She gained much of her experience at the World Bank Group helping countries to attract investment and streamline the delivery of government-to-business services. Her primary functional areas of expertise include program design and monitoring, evaluation and learning; digital development; and human and institutional capacity development.

She holds an MBA from Columbia University and an MA in Journalism from Indiana University.


Building an Impact Ecosystem Through Innovative Investment Brokering Mechanisms

12 Feb 2020

Session Description This workshop explores the role of intermediaries such as brokers in innovating useful mechanisms to connect investment capital to social enterprises, building the ecosystem capacity and strengthening the evidence base for gender lens investing. Findings from a Literature…Read More

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