Ayu Kartika Dewi

About Ayu Kartika Dewi

Ayu is the Managing Director of Indika Foundation.

She had various roles: P&G, President's office, Governor of Jakarta's office, and a primary school teacher. She co-founded SabangMerauke, Milenial Islami, and Perempuan Gagal (movement to normalize failure).

She graduated with MBA from Duke University with Fulbright scholarship.

Ayu does comedy, plays guitar and violin, and is a scuba diver.

Ayu gave speech about her work in peace and tolerance in front of Kofi Annan and Ban Ki Moon in London. Ayu was named by Tempo as one of 13 "young people who will paint the future of Indonesia in 2045".


Lunch: IndyTalks on Mindful Leadership

12 Feb 2020

Session Description A mindful leader is someone who embodies leadership presence by cultivating focus, clarity, creativity and compassion in the service of others. These four innate abilities are fundamentals of leadership excellence. However, even though these abilities are innate, most…Read More


Investing in Education with Impact

13 Feb 2020

Session Description Despite evidence that investment in education across the life course can put children and adults alike on the path towards good health, empowerment, employment and develop peaceful societies, only 25% of national governments are spending what they need…Read More

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